Independent communications adviser

I am a communications professional with over twenty years’ experience in both private and public sector. 

I can create, deliver and measure strategic internal and external communications campaigns using a broad range of channels. I enjoy coaching people to communicate more clearly, improving engagement and understanding.

Your independent adviser

I can provide you with independent advice on all kinds of communications issues.

  • Internal and external communications strategies. I’ll listen to what you need your comms to deliver, and make recommendations on how you can achieve it.
  • Comms health checks. I’ll investigate how well your current communications approach is working, and recommend ways to improve.
  • Telling your story. I’ll guide you through creating stories that resonate for your customers, employees or both.
  • Project-based support. I’ll be an extra comms person for your business for a project, or to cover short-term absences.

Talk to me about what you need, and whether I can help. The list above is just an outline. I’m a caffeine addict so am always happy to start with a chat in a coffee shop.

What’s my story?

I began my career in a start up in the 1990s, before we called them start-ups. I’ve spent the last decade in government communications, covering internal and external remits. I didn’t do a degree in PR or an MBA in marketing. I was an indie kid back then, and I’m still independent now.

I’ll ask the questions someone inside your organisation can’t or won’t. I’m your new second pair of eyes and ears.

I’m an accredited member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations with over twenty years’ experience. Across my work, I’ve realised I love working with subject matter experts on distilling their impressive, specialist knowledge into stories that non-specialists can understand. That includes explaining radio telemetry to heritage organisations, or local taxation to the media.

I also love a deadline, and can deliver work at pace. I like new ideas, and new projects, so I can pick up concepts fast (and be unafraid to ask newbie questions). That’s where my ability to be interim cover or extra, short-term resource on a programme of work, comes from.

Contact me for a chat to see if we’d work well together.

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