Quay Voices book in front of some purple scabiosa flowers

Quay Voices, available now

I’ve a short story, Crossroads, in the first volume of Quay Voices. It’s available now from Impress Books. It also includes writing by Ray Antrobus, Patrick Gale and Monique Roffey as well a heap of other new writers.

image of old portable typewriter with a cup of coffee and a notebook

Writer for hire: using the new term feeling

Get yourself a new pencil case and get writing!

Use the new term feeling to boost the last few months of this strange year.

photo of open bureau desk with chair behind it. behind the chair is a bookcase

Lockdown working is not flexible working

Organisations are looking at how to build new ways of working out of their emergency response to COVID-19, and we need to think about this with care.

image of typewriter for writer for hire article

Writer for hire: Autumn 2019

We went to see Little Women at the very end of December 2019. I absolutely delighted in the scenes of Jo March, writer for hire, negotiating with her editor. I really enjoyed this adaptation, which played around with flashbacks and broke the fourth wall. Like, I suspect, a lot of women who write, Jo March…
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photo of Killoran beach on Colonsay to illustrate a walking retreat

Writing retreats – building your own

Here’s my DIY to create a writing retreat that reinvigorates your creativity.

image of woman in converse trainers working on her laptop to illustrate ethical framework for dealing with misinformation

Building an ethical framework around disinformation

Communicators are – or should be – held to ethical standards around misinformation and disinformation. Here’s how to provide some tools for building an ethical framework that can inform your approach.

neon question mark to suggest valuable audience insight.

5 sources of free valuable audience insight

Understanding your audience is critical. Here are five sources of free, valuable audience insight for communicators and writers.

photo of Exeter Custom House, site of some Exe-Lit sessions

Exe-Lit festival’s second year delivers

Exe-Lit festival’s second year showed how a small city can deliver creativity, as has Exeter’s recognition as a UNESCO city of literature

controlled waterfall illustrating the idea of information flow

How does information flow in your organisation?

I’ve been reading the Remotely Interested report from Jenni Field (Redefining Communications) and Benjamin Ellis (SocialOptic). I was particularly interested in the findings about line management and information flow.

essential writing tools: a notepad, a pen and coffee

The only essential writing tools I always have with me

I can happily procrastinate with stationery for *weeks*. Here’s the essential tools my decades of research have settled on.