Writer for hire: Autumn 2019

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We went to see Little Women at the very end of December 2019. I absolutely delighted in the scenes of Jo March, writer for hire, negotiating with her editor. I really enjoyed this adaptation, which played around with flashbacks and broke the fourth wall.

Like, I suspect, a lot of women who write, Jo March was an early literary heroine of mine. She writes constantly, passionately, and professionally. In this adaptation, her delight at selling her first story is infectious.

Jo March - writer for hire!
Jo March running in NYC, cutting to her younger self in the woods

On my own writing, I started contributing to Restless magazine with a couple of pieces on women in the public sphere.

  • The Power of Embracing Red is around the symbolism of the colours women wear when going into the public space. There’s some interesting history behind the symbolism, as well as psychology.

I’ve also set up a clippings.me account to bring all my recent writing together.

My work slate is currently booked out till after Easter, after which I’ll have some writer for hire slots available. As ever, you can contact me if you’ve a commission.


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  1. Kelly Gibson says:

    LW was luminous! And I loved the sneaky dual ending. Beautifully done. I read that the studio wanted Greta Gerwig to stick with the novel’s end as she filmed it, but she said no, that she filmed it specifically as the happy ending required by the publisher and that the real ending was Jo March watching her book being born.

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