My writing – April and May 2019

top corner of an old portable typewriter

I tend to post links to the articles I’ve written on social media. Every piece of writing has something to say, but I may not have lots to say about every article. Often, the key point I’m making is in the article itself. So I’m putting the links here so you can read ones you missed, or find them again if you enjoyed them.

  • Thoughts on bank holiday working (AllThingsIC). A guest post on Rachel Miller’s blog, providing more nuance to my old 2012 rant about this topic. Published ahead of the late May bank holiday (aka Whitsun) here in the UK.
  • Where is Line of Duty set? On a plausible liminal city (Citymetric). After this, my timeline would light up with tweets about more clues every Sunday night. Given I really love how Line of Duty has created this ‘everycity’, I’m not complaining. I also have a new theory, but I’m saving that until season 6 starts.

If you have liked any of the articles above and would like to commission me to write something similar, you can contact me.

Image by Jackrooster from Pixabay


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