Opening up the shop

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I’m an independent communications adviser and freelance writer, and I’m looking to take on new work from June 2019.

That seems like a quick and simple statement, but it’s been a while in the making. I’ve been to a lot of networking events across the south west over the last six months so that sentence has been tried out in many different ways. I steadily worked out what felt the most comfortable for me to say, and made the most sense to the people I’m having a conversation with.

I’m a freelance professional consulting independent writer comms communications consultant interim freelancer advisor adviser.

I’ve been in the business of working with amazing, inspiring specialists so they can communicate with non-specialists since my first full time job. I walked into that job interview, in the depths of the early ’90s recession, in a customised tweed suit from a charity shop and with no expectation I’d get it. Why would someone looking for an assistant in a tech firm hire me? I was an arts graduate with no office experience but plenty of piercings and brightly dyed red hair. My CV mostly contained indie retail and the alternative arts scene. I chanced a joke as I thought I might as well be myself. I got the job.

For the longest time there has been Liz – the woman who built a career from that day – and Mags – the writer of genre fiction and non-fiction. But the distinction between those two worlds is wafer-thin. What links them together is storytelling. I love to help others tell their stories, and I love to write my own. That’s the essence of communications: sharing ideas between people.

To talk to me about commissioning work, use the contact form and I’ll come back to you. There are all kinds of topics yet to cover about how I’ve worked to bring all of these areas together, and what makes my offer different. I had help too, from a brilliant career coach and from leading experts in communications. I’ve had this ’90s grrl spotify playlist on a lot too.

I’m Mags, and I’m an independent communications adviser and a freelance writer. Hello.


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