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Writing as Mags L Halliday I am a published author of fiction and non-fiction.

My fiction work includes full-length novels, novella and short fiction in shared universes and my own. My non-fiction focuses on culture and ranges from essays on Doctor Who to op-eds on reclaiming women’s place in history.

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I am a communications professional with over twenty years’ experience in both private and public sector. 

I can create, deliver and measure strategic internal and external communications campaigns using a broad range of channels. I enjoy coaching people to communicate more clearly, improving engagement and understanding.

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Quay Voices book in front of some purple scabiosa flowers

Quay Voices, available now

I’ve a short story, Crossroads, in the first volume of Quay Voices. It’s available now from Impress Books. It also includes writing by Ray Antrobus, Patrick Gale and Monique Roffey as well a heap of other new writers.

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image of old portable typewriter with a cup of coffee and a notebook

Writer for hire: using the new term feeling

Get yourself a new pencil case and get writing!

Use the new term feeling to boost the last few months of this strange year.

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photo of open bureau desk with chair behind it. behind the chair is a bookcase

Lockdown working is not flexible working

Organisations are looking at how to build new ways of working out of their emergency response to COVID-19, and we need to think about this with care.

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Twitter is my writer hang-out. Expect Doctor Who thoughts. 
LinkedIn is my professional communications hub, for my thinking around engagement.
Instagram is mostly knitting, cats and coffee-shops.

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