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Lost & Confused?

Tuesday, 6 September 2005

I have lots of things to do. I was in the office till 7pm yesterday (and, yes, I’m blogging in a break at work which means I may be doomed). Anyway, despite all that, I am compulsively watching Lost.

I know I really should know better but it’s the kind of oh-so-slightly-wierd American series, shot as if it were a fashion spread in Vogue, that I struggle to resist. A passing fandom, I suspect, rather than a lasting one. But Doctor Who isn’t back till Midwinter (and then only the Christmas Special) and my long-term addiction to Buffy/Angel means I am pyschologically prone to watching series in which the story takes place over the entire season.

I did make the promise to myself of watching Lost as if it were season 1 of Twin Peaks: no video taping so all clues ust be gathered from broadcast watching; no spoilers. I’ve decided to skip the 80% proof home brew vodka we drank one time back in ’91 as that really won’t help. However, when I watched Twin Peaks, I did have the handy discussion groups of a) my flatmates and b) the union bar at art college. Since S├ęba is not included to talk and I no longer hang out in union bars, the discussion forum I’m using is are you lost? from the Lost UK fan site. This is, obviously, a handy place since it is based on the UK run of the show, not the American one. There are people from the Republic of Ireland (who are ahead by several weeks) but they are lovely about not revealing spoilers.

I’m also having the odd ramble in Pyschboke’s comments.

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