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Decorating the Garden

Sunday, 26 February 2006

before painting starts last stage for today

Getting on for a year back, I found a damaged buddha in Past Times. He was reduced because a tiny end of the fluttering material had been broken off. He’s spent most of the time since on my large kitchen table whilst I decided how to decorate him.

The garden statues from this shop come in plain grey. When I got the Kuan Yin statue, I decorated her lightly with some ‘antique gold’ enamel paint. I considered the same for the buddha but I thought it wouldn’t work as well. So this weekend, free at last from a big day job project and with no evening job writing deadlines, I dug out the paint kit and started.

When I’d bought the damaged buddha, I’d put some stuff from LUSH in the same bag, so that he came out with the odd peice of glitter on him. The idea stuck, as glitter is prone to do, and I’ve decided to use acrylics and glitter to colour all the cloth and jewelry on the statue. I’m leaving the flesh grey because I can’t do flesh tones and I also don’t want a metal-faced buddha. The red/gold on the shoulders was an obvious choice, and a rummage on flickr for the combined tags of buddha, statue and paint suggested green/gold for the trousers. I’m putting the glitter on when the paint is wet, so that it gets caught in it and slightly over-painted. I finished the shoulders and legs today, and will do the jewelry next weekend.

I’m not going to be using any varnish, as I want the colours to fade with the sun and the rain, but I do have one remaining problem. What colour should I paint the tunic? Dark green? Midnight blue? Imperial purple? Red purple? I’ve been staring at it off and on for the last two hours and I’m still not sure…

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