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Monday, 8 January 2007

I have NO MONEY.

This is not true. I have heaps of money. Well, not heaps. Not enough for dragons to nest on, anyway, which is my kind of definition of heaps. But it is all owed to the builders, or going on boring things like bills and food for the month. So I am doing that well-known trick of people who are a) hard up, b) trying to diet, or c) both. I am taking a packed lunch to work. I hauled out my lunchbox last week and started to use it again. It’s a relatively tasteful silver and black number, which carries a sandwich, a yoghurt and a small box of nuts/fruit. It can fit a banana, if the banana is the right shape. And, yes, it is a kids’ lunchbox. I could either use a bigger handbag and cram it with ugly tupperware, or swing this as I walk to work. Which is cuter/stupider (del as applicable). I always meant to customise it, but could never decide what with, untill…

I remembered I had a Pipettes sticker from one of their gigs in the summer.

I think I maybe need to use a varnish spray on it to protect it a bit…

Sheer boredom induced by lack of good TV and lack of funds also caused me to get all homebuildery yesterday. I took apart an elderly orange velvet curtain which had been made of two lengths sewn together, cut it to size, hemmed it and hung it in my still surprisingly tidy room. If I get enthusiastic tonight, I’m going to use the offcut to make a cushion for the bedroom chair, as that is the only bit still in a blue/green scheme instead of red/orange. (It’s true, all women do become their mothers: all that make do and mend as a kid clearly left an impact.)


Some new mp3 blogs I am trying out, plus some recs of old favourites:
Another Form of Relief has a top 49 of 2006
I Guess I’m Floating, new to me
I Rock Cleveland, also new.
Skatterbrain is a fabulous as ever (but when will they release the fall/winter 06 mix as a zip?)
Spiked Candy, c’est ci bon!
The Torture Garden, no relation to the BDSM club of the same name (unless BDSM clubs are big on belle & Sebastian?)
Mod-ified Music, still bringing that 60s asian pop

Still on holiday

Monday, 1 January 2007

We spent New Year’s Eve at FROG at the Kentish Town Forum. Apart from anything else, it’s a walk of just about the right length from the flat. The venue is an old dilapidated cinema, still retaining a warren of back corridors and a balcony where a couple of unfortunate bouncers had to keep people from dancing right by the edge. One little backroom was playing different music to the main hall – at one point it was 60s J-pop (or sounded like it). Someone told me where to find a secret set of female toilets, so I spent zero time stuck in queues for the bog. The bands were The Rumble Strips (decent ska-lite stuff), The Young Knives (er, I don’t remember, but I liked them best) and Larrakin Love (Pogues-lite darlings of the NME). The beer was total shite, though.

My bad gig photos continue:
The Young Knives

I didn’t get any shots at the Pipettes’ Xmas party but the chap did, so I shall link when he gets around to posting them (ETA: ta-da!). The support were Misty’s Big Adventure (great) and I spent much time marvelling at the expansion of The Pipettes, given that I first saw them in a pub back room. Here they had a full lighting rig, a strings section and a costume change between the main set and the encore (black dresses with sparkly detail). And, when they finished on ‘All I Want For Christmas (Is You)’ the audience was showered in ‘snow’. It was an all ages gig, so I spent a fair bit of time spotting tenny fans, some of whom were not merely wearing the polka dots but had full replicas of Rosay’s stage outfit. So cute!

Underneath A Winter Sky

Wednesday, 8 November 2006

I’m going to The Pipettes’ Xmas Party!

This means lots of chaotic running about in the days before the 22nd making sure I have all the food together and visiting the family earlier than usual, lots of travel over the weekend, and doubtless lots of cursing over the Camden coldness. But it’s the Pipettes’ Xmas Party!

I am excited.

Take us to your planet

Monday, 23 October 2006

Take us, take us to your planet
Give us a mind and we’ll scan it
Sell us a ship and we’ll man it
Cos we mean it, uh-huh

There I was, settling on the sofa after a busy weekend in order to enjoy Torchwood (It’s Captain Jack Harkness…and he’s wearing the coat!). Ah, yes, the montage of the copper’s mundane life: making cuppas in the station, patrolling the mean streets of Cardiff, breaking up a pub brawl to the sound of The Pipettes—

The Pipettes?
In Torchwood??

Never mind how Captain Jack is soooooo cool…the Pipettes! On the Torchwood soundtrack! Eep!


Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Sun is in the sky oh why oh why
Would I wanna be anywhere else?
LDN, Lily Allen

The London trip was pretty much everything you could want from a break. It was so stupidly hot that I got as far as the NFT bar from Waterloo station before stopping for beer (good beer, shady cool spot) and being joined by the Ladylark and the Marks Michalowski and Clapham. Lunch at Gabriel’s Wharf, although it was too hot to really eat much, then a lazy hour or two at the Anchor before going to Club Sabbath where we were joined by Tom and Jim. Thankfully when we left it had cooled enough to be able to bear the Northern Line.

Monday was lazy: wandering about Somerset House, cocktails at Guanabara, The Pipettes (plus 2 support acts – both good) at a sweltering King’s College. It’s been nearly two years since I saw them live and I was rather impressed by how much the act has been polished up. I dutifully grabbed a copy of the Pull Shapes single from HMV at lunch today.

Dance with me pretty boy tonight
Dance with me and we’ll be alright
Pull Shapes, The Pipettes

Right now I’m back home, trying to get the house up to base-1 tidy. This is partially because I keep meaning to employ a cleaning lady char so should have it at base-1 in order to say “this is what I’d be happy with”, and partially because the summer social thing has kicked in and I’ve got someone over for the weekend. Despite them knowing me (obviously) some residual urge to appear houseproud has taken possession of my brain. I hope it gives up soon.

Music of the Summer

Saturday, 24 June 2006

I’ve just tweaked the sidebar, widening it so that I can put the last.fm ‘recently played’ chart on and dumping a set of links which weren’t terribly interesting.

To generate some listings to test it, I’m playing one of my three albums of the summer so far. Three! That more albums than I buy in some summers. I was cautious about Lily Allen, in that “daughter of a famous person” way. Smile kept making me want to dance though, despite the opening being a close borrow from Night Nurse by Gregory Isaacs, so I grabbed a copy of Always, Still when I could. In my usual way of trying to sum up something as a cross between other things, I’d say she’s a cross between The Selector and The Streets. There’s still a little nagging doubt about some of her ‘urban poor’ lyrics, given her lineage, but it is almost impossible not to start dancing to LDN.

The other two albums are We Are The Pipettes by The Pipettes (well, obviously. Going to see them on the 3rd July in London. Hurrah!) and Victory for the Comic Muse by the Divine Comedy. And, yes, I will be buying the Lily Allen and Pipettes’s albums on CD when they are released.

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