Warring States e-book now available with bonus material

Thursday, 5 September 2013

I may have come around to the idea of ebooks, due to getting an iPad. So when Lars Pearson of Mad Norwegian Press floated the idea of republishing my steampunk novel, Warring States, as an e-book, I agreed.

In fact, I agreed so much that I sent him some additional material to go in it. This includes:

  • eight pages of notes on where ideas came from, historical snippets, and some of the pop culture gags
  • a two page explanation of the jade casket and the paradox, which was written during the pitching process
  • a preview originally published in the back of Lance Parkin’s Warlords of Utopia
  • a short story originally published in the Mythmakers fanzine and set after the novel

I’d lost my original file of the last of those, and just had a scan from Philip Pursar-Hallard. The story is set in Phil’s City of the Saved. Lars has typed it back up so it can appear as an extra. It shows its age, as the Sherlock Holmes that appears in it is a TV version from before Sherlock started.

One of the benefits of e-books is that you can have links, so the eight pages of notes are filled with links to more information. So they form a slight insight into the sheer squirrelly way I work, grabbing mountains of information and creating links.

Faction Paradox: Warring States is available from today. I hope you enjoy it.

I understand it’ll appear on iBooks too at some point.

Mad Norwegian are also publishing the latest volumes of the About Time series on Doctor Who today. These are some of the most in-depth works on Doctor Who it is possible to find, and are written by someone I used to go drinking with. Recommended for any Who fan.

a round-up of reviews

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I’m still writing some reviews whilst on my 9 month break from both the day job and fiction writing. Here’s some of the recent stuff from other sites. Book reviews are, obviously, still coming out here under the moosifer jones reads section.

Shiny Shelf continues its eclectic mix of British tv, mainstream and offbeat cinema.

Then over at Game People – where the reviews are built around what different types of people look for from games – I’ve guested a couple of times.

So, yeah, not entirely idle.

One Man & LEJOG

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Ant, a mate from work, is currently cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Which is an insane way to spend a fortnight’s break from work, but chapeau to him for it.

He’s raising money for The Stroke Association, and I can only echo what he says about the devestating effects a stroke can have on a family’s life, having seen it myself. A quarter of a million people are living with long-term disability as a result of stroke in the UK. The Stroke Association funds research into prevention, treatment and better methods of rehabilitation, and helps stroke patients and their families with the after-effects.

The direct link to his sponsorship page is at
http://www.justgiving.com/onemanandlejog, and you can follow his progress day by day on his blog.

Twas a dark and stormy night…

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Did you like Iris Wildthyme and the Celestial Omnibus? Did you, hmm? Good transition between the stories, hmm? Entertaining range of styles, yes? Wide variety of authorial voices, wasn’t it? And new writers, they are sooo exciting, aren’t they?

Sorry, I’m channeling Stewie winding up Brian.

The point is, the next publication from Obverse Books is now available for pre-order should you want more Iris themed fun. The Panda Book of Horror contains a story by my husband. (He’s also edited a new collection of Benny short stories, Secret Histories, for fans who prefer a gin-laced archaeologist to a gin-sodden nosey-parker.)

You can also still buy the Celestial Omnibus. So you could make any literary Who fans a lovely wintery gift set by tying them together with a big bow.

You too can cook like a grown-up!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

My friend Naomi has launched her cookery courses.

This is the woman who, over a lazy weekend in 2006, made me confident in the kitchen. I learnt store cupboard management, what feels like fifty ways with a can of tomatoes and even made salad. I can honestly say it’s turned me from someone who could boil pasta and stir in a sauce into someone who can make lots of things from scratch. Or tweak recipes to suit what’s in the fridge. I’ve had less than 10 ready-meals since 2006, saving my purse and my waistline.

If you’re in North West England, I recommend it highly.

Alan Moore knows the score…

Monday, 17 August 2009

Looking to plug a gap in your run of From Hell, the seminal Jack the Ripper comic by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell?

I’ve volumes 2, 4, 6, 7 and 10 for sale, all up on my ebay account. These are US imports from 1994-6. Volumes 6, 7 and 10 are first print runs, volume 4 is a second print run and volume 2 doesn’t even have print run information in it.

We dig TV, we dig remote control
we dig the furry freak brothers and the twilight zone
we dig Marvel and DC, we dig Run DMC
we dig Renegade Soundwave and AC/DC!

Bruce Wayne, Auf Wiedersehn,
Dirty Harry, “Make my day,”
Terminator, Hit the North,
Alan Moore knows the score

I never could work out if it was “riffs, yeah! can u dig it?” or “rich girl, can you dig it?”. I know now, obviously.

We dig Optimus Prime and not Galvetron,
We dig “The Leader of the Pack” and the “Do-Ron-Ron“,
Spinderella and Bruce Lee, “The Bad and the Ugly“,
V for Vendetta” and “Into the Groovy“.

Thinking now about the way Pop Will Eat Itself catalogued all the things we dug in 1989, it was really a Greebo version of The Kink’s Village Green Preservation Society:

We are the village green preservation society
God save donald duck, vaudeville and variety
We are the desperate dan appreciation society
God save strawberry jam and all the different varieties


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