Now we are 1

Friday, 29 July 2011

So that was year 1. Here’s the final photos in the series…

tartan 12 month

baby human 12 months

New things this month include walking with her brick truck or our hands, cutting a seventh tooth, helping feed herself with the spoon. Sometimes. When she feels like it. Also, she’s had cake. And her first party. Here’s the aftermath (photo c/o Michelle Monahan).

after the party

It’s been an interesting year. I’m still on a writing sabbatical as it’s just beyond me to combine a full time job, motherhood and writing. My spare time is taken up with sorting out things like GJ’s room so there’s nothing left. I know some people would say “if you want to write you make the time”. I could make the time. I can’t make the desire though. My brain is too full of other things. And I rather like sitting reading That’s Not My Penguin* for the hundredth time, instead of sitting at a PC.

Here’s a slideshow of just the tartan rug photos.

There are also slideshows of the whole monthly series, or of other photos.

Now, I really ought to clear the backlog of book reviews, and do a second coat of satin on the door to GJ’s room, and check the bus route to a friend’s house as it’s too muggy to walk there and back, and make those salmon fishcakes, and make sure I’ve a week’s work outfits hanging up ready for Monday, and pay the sparks, and… it’s amazing how much you can cram into someone’s nap time, isn’t it?

*I’m working on a version called That’s Not My Feminist to counter the range’s actual girly books of That’s Not My Princess, That’s Not My Dolly, etc.

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