Not so innocent festival

Sunday, 6 August 2006

I just got back from London, having spent Saturday at the fruitstock festival organised by innocent. Lovely leisurely weekend kicking around town and home to the still base-1 tidy house. I did all my chores and settled in with a horror movie.

  • Rodents:
    Mice – 18 19
    Voles – 4
  • Birds:
    Sparrows – 3
    Dunnocks – 1
    Uncertain – 2
  • Other:
    Frogs – 1
    Unidentifiable remains – 2

Séba appeared around the corner of the sofa, eyes wide and dark, mouse hanging from his mouth.

Summer shoes

Monday, 31 July 2006

new shoesI got these today, since I’m off to two festivals within zones 1 & 2 (the free fruitstock in Regent’s Park and the rather less free Get Loaded in the Park in Clapham). Years of working outdoors makes me nervous about wearing flimsy shoes at festivals, but converse all-stars get all sweaty. So these cheap things are a compromise. Which rub my heels, but that can be fixed with tape.

London is way too sweaty at the moment, hence the need for new footwear. We were at a party at Cubana in Lower Marsh on Saturday night, very rapidly decamping to the street outside. At almost 1am, the humidity was still hugging us close, pricking at the skin and making you dream of cool rain. No such luck.

I’ve also discovered something rather smart. There are many ways to get from Devon to London. The megabus and megatrain are the cheapest but longest and least flexible. The 21 quid apex on the Waterloo train is good if you can get it, and Waterloo is rather handy if working in Westminster/Lambeth. But right now I’m going for the Paddington line – more expensive but barely over 2 hours and I’m going to Norf London anyway. And I just discovered that not only are two superadvancethingy singles cheaper than one saver return, but that you can – if lucky – get two first class singles for less than a standard saver return. More space, less children, getting into Paddington at the front of the train…

Into the Valley of the White Horse

Monday, 2 May 2005

Long-term readers may recall that last year I went to an excellent arts festival in Oxfordshire, which included listening to talks I wasn’t expecting to go to, climbing a strange tower, having a Bernard-esque epiphany which caused me to stop smoking* and reading poetry aloud in a pub backroom.

This year’s festival website has just gone live: Faringdon Arts Festival Website. Highlights for me include the wonderful Gywneth Jones, the erudite Briggsy Stephen Briggs, the fabulous-and-why-isn’t-everyone-reading-him-yet? Jasper Fforde and Brian Aldiss (about whom I have no adjectives because he’s the only one I’ve not met before). Oh! And Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze in concert. The whole thing is from 1st-10th July, but the 9th/10th are the days with the headline stuff. I was thinking about doing some walking about the Vale of the White Horse this summer so I may try to combine things. Also gives me a chance to catch up with the BE and his family.

If the line-up sounds enticing, check out the (lack of) prices. Yes, most events are free.

*aside from the odd lapse in a club when I become one of those irrating non-smokers who scrounges fags off the smokers.

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