Exeter Going Pop!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Exeter Goes Pop! again at Tigga’s this coming Thursday night (11 Sept) and every second Thursday of the month until Christmas. It’s free, the bar is good value, the ExPoppers get to play music without the venue manager telling them to turn it down, and there’s now a dancefloor. The first night at Tigga’s was good, but I forgot to take any photos.

If you’re thinking “but what is ‘wonk folk’?” then you can take a listen to the sort of music Alistair plays tomorrow on phonic fm (106.8FM in the city, or streaming online) from 4pm till 6pm. Or you can take a listen to the mixtapes he posts to unpopular. I’m not sure what ‘wonk folk’ is either, BTW.

ETA: you can listen again to Sunday’s This is Pop! broadcast here.

(Terry, who has been DJing the excellent Collisions at Timepiece forEVAH, also does a slot on phonic.fm)

What? Now?

Monday, 11 August 2008

Being sneaky, I check my gmail at work during my lunchbreak. It’s OK, we’re allowed. Sorta. So I know that, as well as email discussions about girlies’ night(s) out (did I mention ExPop! starts at a new venue – Tigga’s – on Thursday 14 August? It’s free and fun, and there will be badges*), there are emails about the Vampire Curse which I need to answer sooner rather than later.

Naturally, gmail has chosen this moment to return a server error. Argh.

*facebook group (slightly out of date).

Musical Interlude

Monday, 18 February 2008

I have a small mountain of images from Berlin and Brussels to tag, title etc. Here are a tiny handful as a sample. They make it look like Berlin was all 1960s utopian futurism whilst Brussels was all fin de sicle art nouveau, which was not true:
Telefurm from Marx-Engels Platz Inside the Dalek mothership Falstaff's ceiling La Presse Socialiste Cooperative

In the meantime, here is a video of people dancing at Exeter Goes Pop!
Click to see dancing

Exeter Goes Pop! / April Dreams England

Monday, 9 April 2007

The next Exeter Goes Pop night is this coming Friday, 13th, from 8pm in the Phoenix cafe bar. It will include live music from The First Division, a band whose members are also in The Pines and The Visitors, who will be playing tracks from their April Dreams England album. Also the usual electic blend of sounds from the international Pop underground, sixties soft pop, girl groups, Northern soul, Swedish tweelectropop…

It’s free and in the bar at the Phoenix. So if you’re in town and free, pop in. Alternatively, if you are in town and at the Reginald D Hunter gig at the Phoenix, drop by for a drink afterwards.

There’s now an Exeter Goes Pop! last.fm group, which means there is also an Exeter Goes Pop! streaming radio station available which plays tracks loved by the group’s members. Click here to play it.

If you’re on MySpace, you can also find out more from the Exeter Goes Pop! thingy there.

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