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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

These days, having the banns read out doesn’t really work. Especially if you’re atheists with no intention of setting foot inside your parish church. Based on the fact that the chap and I got engaged on Monday, modern ‘banns’ consist of:

  • telling the parents via the traditional medium of the phone
  • emailing a friend in the States
  • texting various friends in the UK
    (at which point the text messages goes mad as they reply and the chap’s mates – who he just told in the pub – start texting to say “don’t do it!”)
  • updating your Facebook status
  • blogging about it

I still have to write to my siblings but there we go. The initial reaction has given me a tiny terrifying insight into why weddings become scary monsters but I think I’ll be stubborn enough to ensure we get what we want rather than what the wedding hooha pressures people into getting.


He knows all about the movement of the planets

Friday, 7 July 2006

He knows all about the movements of the planets
But he don’t know how they move me
He knows about the sonic spectrum, damnit
But he don’t know if it’s groovy
ABC, The Pipettes

Tomorrow is the season finale of Doctor Who. This is of course incredibly important and stuff, being the culmination of all these hubristic episodes (some of which were great, some rather less so). Also, Cybermen versus Daleks – the ultimate Who fanboy smackdown! And Rose dying. Maybe. Perhaps.

So I should, of course, be speculating madly and counting the hours till the emo Timelord cries. My lovely geek boy Doctor. Aw. Let’s all pretend I’m doing it. It’s not that I’m not looking forward to it, it’s just not the Most Exciting Thing in my world right now. Yes, there is something even better than a Cybermen versus Daleks smackdown. Hurrah!

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