Is that it? Am I done now?

Thursday, 21 September 2006

I have been on the road since last Tuesday and get back home tomorrow evening. I am tired and dispirited and longing, yes, longing to cook instead of eat out. Last weekend – a blessed island of relaxing in the midst of a conference and then a week in Liverpool – I even offered to cook at the chap’s. Not because there is anything wrong with his cooking, but just because I wanted to make some food. Law made a coffee cake recently and looking at the photo tonight made me drool and itch to get out the big mixing bowl.

So the recent quietness is due to this travelling lark. After working at a conference a mere hour’s commute from the chap’s for two days, we then took Friday off and wandered about London shopping. Saturday was various Open House London venues (which I can’t reveal until after I have posted and been guessed on Flickr’s Guess Where London group). I’d wanted to go to 2 Willow Road on the Sunday but the tours were fully booked and I thought I’d be off to Liverpool in the afternoon anyway. Except the train from Euston to Lime Street would have been 5 hours on the Sunday, when it takes 2 and a half on the Monday morning. Then someone at the Trust contacted me to say there had been a cancellation and would we still like to tour Willow Road. Naturally, we said yes and wandered over the Heath at a reasonable hour to look at 1930s modernism. No photos to upload, I’m afraid.

Monday morning and I was at the clients’ by 10am, having got the 07.13 up from Euston. First class, darling. When you factor in the complimentary breakfast and the extra room, this was a bargain at 45 quid single. Tomorrow, I get driven back to Devon by a collegue and have a few hours alone time with Séba before the chap arrives for the weekend. I miss my cat. And I worry about him all alone in a house tonight, with gales gusting around it. My poor precious brute.

ETA: Flickr photos of the Open House Weekend.

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