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Sunday, 27 December 2009

I’ve set up a disclaimer for book reviews, as I’m starting to get the odd review copy of books and I want to be clear the cost of the book (i.e. nothing) will make no difference to my opinion.

I’ve got a stack of reviews to write up today, but I’ve been getting through the site admin first. So a fresh install of WordPress, a fix on the Simple tags plug-in, writing the disclaimer and looking at the stats (nothing interesting).

Say hello, wave goodbye…

Monday, 4 August 2008

So, here we are on a shiny new wordpress installation on my own domain. At last. The hard coding work and design decisions have been done, and now I just need to tidy up the back catalogue of writing. I’m being a bit random about it right now, and will have to set myself a time limit so I don’t spend the whole week on it instead of writing.

I’ve intergrated the reading blog, which tended to be forgotten and am making a swift pass through it. Far too many typos. My favourite post so far is the guilty pile from 2005, where I admit to feeling bad if I don’t finish a book. I also describe Cranford (then a gleam in a BBC producer’s eye) as

a mid-Victorian version of Desperate Housewives. Obviously, there is rather less sex with gardeners/plumbers/hookers and so far no one has murdered anyone…

Now for a late lunch and switching off the internet so I can focus on writing for the afternoon!

Clean Up Crew

Sunday, 29 October 2006

Sébastian’s new kill count:

  • Rodents:
    Mice – 19 22
    Voles – 4 5
  • Birds:
    Sparrows – 3 4
    Dunnocks – 1
    Uncertain – 2
  • Other:
    Frogs – 1
    Unidentifiable remains – 2

This is not due to a sudden burst of killing, just that I’ve not been updating the online kill totals for the last few weeks because of being away a lot. One friend, house-sitting, had to clear a mouse away. Whilst on another day I saw Séba with a dead adult mouse in his mouth which he then ran off with and subsequently found a tiny dead baby mouse by my shoes. There is a very good reason for me loving Looshkin from the Bear comics so much. (Jamie is currently running Looshkin caption competitions on his LJ.)

In related cleaning up news, albeit work which doesn’t require CSI sytle gathering of bloody evidence into plastic bags, my desktop PC decided it didn’t want to run Windows anymore. This meant a panicked back-up using DOS and floppy disks before a full reinstall. I need the desktop as it is much better for my spine and hand to be working at a proper desk instead of on a laptop on top of an old singer foot pedal sewing machine table. So today I am restoring my files from the floppy disks and deciding which of the many half-finished things in the ‘working’ folder need saving. I’ve got to move my website over to a new server as well, but I’m delaying that task for now.

I’m also getting to grips with blogger.beta, which is not bad and lets me tag my posts. the slight drawback there is that I shall want to be going back through several years of posts, tagging them as appropriate and that will make them pop back up on RSS sub and the LJ feed. So I’m sorry about that, but lookie! You’ll be able to find all my posts about travel or Séba’s kill count really easily!

redesigning the lair

Wednesday, 27 April 2005
redesigning the lair
redesigning the lair,
originally uploaded by Mags.

I’ve decided to clear out the existing files (excluding the subfolder on sudan) and start seriously on version 4. This is a screen grab, but you can see the whole thing here. Once it’s all shiny, the grouch will be made over to match.

Fiddling About

Saturday, 26 March 2005

I’ve just finished – I think – fiddling with the CSS code for this blog. There was something strange happening with the way the columns lined up, and some paragraph indenting was bugging me. I surfed bravely away from my normal comfort sites of W3schools and glish’s CSS templates. I’d love to play with the CSS Zen garden but I do have other things to do, so I ended up at Floatutorial. I still had to fiddle to get the blogger content to sit in the right place, but at last this blog no longer looks half-cocked. At least in Firefox.

I’ve also changed the further readings links to a feed. Sara at storytelling is looking for links to authors who blog, so I’m going to get around to putting more into the further reading list. Suggestions always welcome.

Finally, the atom feed is running.

I don’t think it has been syndicated to LJ yet, but if someone does that, could they let me know the syn URL? Ta.
The LJ syn is up (thanks, Trina!).

Updated to add:
Thanks to a smart person at the CSS forum, the thing is now behaving under the most common browsers and OSs. The one failing one is if you have a screen resolution of 800 x 600 and are running IE6 on a Windows OS. I’ll try to fix it, but in the meantime, if you are being caught by that, may I suggest the joys of Firefox?
Get Firefox!

unwinding the threads

Tuesday, 22 February 2005

My plans to make a neat little intergrated system for my books got a bit waylaid by the need to write a novel (see the main grouch blog) but now I have acres of free time staring at me I have got back on it.

So, this is what I’ve done:

  1. Set up tags, as previously mentioned back in November
  2. Used the lovely RSS Digest feed to create feeds from the tags to the left and right sidebars here, covering the tags for current reading, waiting to be read, recently read, etc.
  3. Used and abused a nice layout from glish. My abuse of the code makes it look odd in Firefox, but nevermind…
  4. Used a pretty font called New Kinder to make new banners and badges.

From now on the blog (i.e. this bit here) will be used for reviews of what I’m reading whilst the sidebars will reveal where I am in the never-ending pile of stuff.

I just bought Labyrinths by Borges, in case no-one guessed.

update: now tweaked again

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