Doctor Who: History 101

BBC Books, 2002, ISBN 0-563-53854-6

“Remarkable. I’m surprised at how much has been uncovered.” — Anji Kapoor

Spain, 1937. In April, the small town of Guernica was razed to the ground in a firestorm that claimed a thousand or more lives. In May, Barcelona exploded into fierce street fighting as different political factions fought for control of the city.

Both events have been the subject of fierce propagandist claims by all sides, but this book examines new evidence to suggest that the two events are more closely linked than previously thought.

Who were the shadowy figures working behind the scenes? Who were ‘the Doctor’, ‘Anji’ and ‘Fitz’ and what were their objectives? And were there really monsters roaming the streets?

Presented in the form of a novel, History 101 tries to discover if the absolute truth can ever be revealed. It should be read as part of the ongoing Doctor Who: Eighth Doctor history course.


  • The Doctor Who Ratings Guide

    • “History 101 is one of the most confident, measured debut books we’ve seen in a while”
    • “I wasn’t just impressed by the novel’s atmosphere I was absorbed into it. … I read in one, must finish, sitting.”
    • “In History 101, the Doctor is simply magnetic”

  • Outpost Gallifrey

    • “A deeply involving, complex story that demands your close attention and ultimately satisfies.”
    • “It’s a thoughtful story but with enough thrills and spills to keep one’s interest going for the entirety.”
    • “All the factions involved in the conflict, Communists, Anarchists and Nationalist, each provide a very different and unique perspective on the war, thus working nicely into the frame of Halliday’s thematic objective.”

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