Christmas comes early

I was still somewhat fragile this morning, and was very much enjoying lying under the covers in a dim room. All night there’d been the sounds of the wintery weather rattling around the chimmney, and Sébastian purring in his bed. So staying under the covers to let my stomach recover from the first of several Xmas meals (and subsequent pub crawl) seemed very sensible. Around 8.30am, the rustling sounds in the chimmney intensified and were followed by flapping and cooing sounds. With a flump, a pigeon dropped down and came to rest on the firegrate.

Séba, naturally, couldn’t believe his luck.

I could see his shadowy form very slowly stalking the equally shadowy – and confused – bird in the fireplace. I did not want the hassle of cleaning up after a cat/bird struggle, and loathe the way wild birds flap about near your head when they get loose indoors. And poop on everything. So I reluctantly left my cosy bed, grabbed a towel and flung it over the pidgeon. It stopped moving in bird-brained confusion, and Séba left the room in disgust that I had prevented him playing. After that it was easy to get the bird out of the bathroom window, free to poop on anything it likes once more.

Séba has recovered from the disappointment, possibly due to snagging a large mouse a few nights ago. The large mouse being nearly as much fun as the wind-up one I bought him a few weeks ago.

  • Rodents:
    Rats – 2
    Mice – 42 43
    Voles – 11
  • Birds:
    Sparrows – 5
    Dunnocks – 1
    Robin – 1
    Ringed pigeon – 3
    Uncertain – 9
  • Other:
    Frogs – 1
    Unidentifiable remains – 3
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