As we wave our lonely banners

More You Tube spam. LJ-ers will be delighted that I’ve put it all behind a cut.

One conversation led to another, which led to Terry Hall. One of my earliest crushes, from the first 2-tone to seeing him at a Guilty Pleasures gig a couple of years ago. Cue the 80′s flashback…

Can you get any more John Hughes-ian mid-80s than this video of The Colourfield?

With the awesome awesomeness of Bananarama pre-SAW makeover. The Pipettes wish they were Bananarama. And, co-incidentally, one of my first ever records (along with Golden Brown by the Stranglers – and people wonder why I like baroque pop…).

A freakishly empty London in the Ghost Town video, from the era when the Professionals would just get up first thing on a Sunday rather than bothering to close a road:

There, wasn’t that both cool and faintly disturbing?

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2 Responses to “As we wave our lonely banners”

  1. Kitty Says:

    …you have an LJ-version of this blog? Or am I being dense?

  2. Mags Says:

    I have it on LJ syndication as “moosifer_jones” so people within the LJ enclave can read it without leaving LJ. And I use cuts sometimes.

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