Freak weather

The day before what the Met Office officially described as “freak weather” over Ottery St Mary, I looked out of my office window to see this cloud drifting in from the east.
Freaky Weather
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a square cloud before…and, yes, Ottery is to the east of Exeter.

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2 Responses to “Freak weather”

  1. Martijn Says:

    I had been home (in Exeter) that night and not noticed a thing. Only when a friend came round on Friday afternoon and told me that the water level in the Exe –30 metres from here…– was extremely high I found out about the freaky events in Ottery St Mary.

    I just found your blog by searching for ‘wonkfolk’. Hello! Could it be that you walked in front of our window (Haven Banks) in the rain on Sunday?

  2. Mags Says:

    Hi Martjin!

    Yes, I foolishly thought The Range would carry embroidery thread, since they seem to carry every other craft item under the sun. I got drenched for my pains and only got some embroidery scissors.

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