Mad mod men

Building a ‘mood board’ for the eep event tonight – as I realised I really need to start creating a coherent plan as I’m also meant to be deciding on a shortlist of etsy designers to use for the stationery – and I got distracted by wordle. I spent ages poking it about until it did the right things, like putting ‘mad’ near ‘men’ and ‘new’ near ‘look’: combo’s like ‘white’ and ‘men’ or ‘mad’ and ‘red’ were not to be permitted. I could probably have downloaded the font I used and produced an exact design in PSP faster, but anyway… I present the first Wordle cloud of the whole business:
Wordle for wedding

Yes, I am aware that specifying 1958-1962 seems remarkably fussy, but it’s a very clear fashion-era. Think the tail-end of the New Look mixed with the start of the Jackie-O period. Or, put simply, think Mad Men. Luckily, the Chap always looks fab in a sharp suit.

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