Exeter Going Pop!

Exeter Goes Pop! again at Tigga’s this coming Thursday night (11 Sept) and every second Thursday of the month until Christmas. It’s free, the bar is good value, the ExPoppers get to play music without the venue manager telling them to turn it down, and there’s now a dancefloor. The first night at Tigga’s was good, but I forgot to take any photos.

If you’re thinking “but what is ‘wonk folk’?” then you can take a listen to the sort of music Alistair plays tomorrow on phonic fm (106.8FM in the city, or streaming online) from 4pm till 6pm. Or you can take a listen to the mixtapes he posts to unpopular. I’m not sure what ‘wonk folk’ is either, BTW.

ETA: you can listen again to Sunday’s This is Pop! broadcast here.

(Terry, who has been DJing the excellent Collisions at Timepiece forEVAH, also does a slot on phonic.fm)

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