Le Tour de Exe

Exe - sailboat
I made myself get up just after 7am, so I could cycle down to Starcross before the day really started. Naturally, my chain slipped off at one point (due to messing about with the gears) and I shall spend the rest of the weekend scrubbing bike oil out of my fingers.

As you pass the Turf Locks, you go from riding alongside the ship canal, fairly sheltered, to riding along a seawall with no protection from the wind. But that bit also brings the smell of salt air and the clack of cordage on masts, so you really feel you’re a long way from the city.

It took 90 minutes to cover the 9 mile route (nb – I actually start somewhere else in Exeter but I’m not going to pinpoint my house here). Around 2 miles were along the seawall – which is not a metalled path – that made me glad I still have my off-road tyres on. The train back? 9 minutes.

Getting back into the city, and the rain is threatening, so I’m going to settle down to watch Mark ‘the cock’ Cavendish take another Tour de France stage.

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