Cooking like a grown up: wrap lunch

Two friends, Laura and Kelly, are putting up recipes of healthy foods. And I suspect that Ladylark and I’s plan to write a cookbook – based on how she taught me to cook like a grown up – is on indefinite hold, so I’m going to start putting some recipes online.

This hot wrap lunch was the sort of idea that comes from the need to use things up, and my liking for warm lunches in winter. After making it for myself one weekend, I tried it out on the chap and he liked it. It is rather calorific (400), but hits a spot so you don’t find yourself munching on bread or biscuits a hour later. It is also a one-pan meal (specifically my small fryer), which is what you want at lunchtime. You can either make it with spinach thrown in at the cooking stage, or with rocket salad added at the final construction stage.

For one person:
1 x soft corn tortilla
1 x large flat mushroom, chopped
1oz cashew or pine nuts
2 x handfuls of spinach (or rocket salad)
1oz soft goat’s cheese
0.5oz unsalted butter

Wrap step 1 Wrap step 2 Wrap step 3 Wrap step 4 Wrap step 6
1. Warm the tortilla as per packet instructions whilst preparing the filling.
2. Toast the nuts in a dry pan then set aside.
3. Melt the butter in the pan and add the mushrooms.
Fry till they start giving up their juices.
4. Add the spinach and stir as it wilts.
(If using the rocket salad, leave it till you construct the tortilla).
5. Mix in the toasted nuts and put the filling into one half of the warmed tortilla.
6. Add the goat’s cheese (and the rocket salad, if using that).
7. Fold over the tortilla.

Ta-da. You need to eat it over a plate with a kitchen towel, as the juices may run out. My camera’s battery died before I got the final photo.

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