Losing the Plot

I’ve just finished code monkeying issue 03 of lost luggage, the Doctor Who fanzine that even non-fanfic lovers enjoy. It was going to come out in November, but we were both too busy running about with other stuff (Kelly with her excellent crafty stuff and Thanskgiving, and me with work and diamonds).

When moosifer 2 fell over forever it took with it the Book, my notes on how to run the archive. Most of it I can redo but I just wasted half an hour because I’d lost the note that said “tick the box marked ‘run PHP code?’ to enable this function”. Still, I got there in the end.

There’s a heap of stories about love and/or sex as well as a revamp of an article I first wrote in SKARO in 1996 on why it’s OK for the Doctor to snog people. It’s surprisingly hard to find stories involving love and/or sex and fit the raison d’etre of the archive – to showcase the best writing out there. But we’ve some fun ones (Precious Little Dumplings and At Last cause me to giggle and snort with laughter), some surprisingly romantic ones (And Hate the Idle Pleasures… is lovely) and some darker stuff (including the classic Best of Enemies).

Now we have to pick a theme for a future issue…

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