My Ever Changing Moods

One of the things getting woah mule! last year meant was getting to grips with modern bike valves and pumps.

I learnt to ride and service bikes in the early 1980s. I wasn’t allowed a racer as they were too dangerous, but still, think of this Jam video for an idea of when I could last strip a bike and rebuild it. (Also, for Talbot’s frankly wussy helmet which wouldn’t have stopped anything.)

But I went down Halfords and bought a stirrup pump because they look soooo cool. Also, a hand pump to stuff in a bag so I could fix tyres in transit. I just couldn’t get the hang of them. No matter what I did it wouldn’t fix on right. The value would just start venting, or the valve wouldn’t open and the pump attachment bit would fly off the valve. So I’d been going down friendly bike hire places and getting a pump up. Today, watching packs of cyclists going through London, I decided I would get to grips with the damn pump. And I have! Hurrah! I am no longer afeared of long rides in case I need to pump the tyres!

What with one thing and another (i.e. the chap, new job etc) I’ve not been on the bike much, and certainly haven’t got around to fixing up faster mule yah yah! as I planned. But the bike holding bay (i.e. an odd bit of the hallway where I can lean them) is now tidied up and I’m ready to whizz around to the supermarket again.

ETA: Alistair, who is a proper bike nut (see his Grande Depart post), will be hosting another Exeter Goes Pop! night this Thursday at the Phoenix in Exeter. If you’re around, pop in. It’s free and laid back.

[For some reason, blogger doesn't like me putting titles in unless I'm in Preview mode - this is very annoying]

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