What time is it, Eccles?


  • I made my lazy risotto recipe with the proper risotto rice yesterday.

    This makes a fabulous difference and made me yum down an entire pot which was meant to be two days’ worth.

  • I just made biiiiig Eccles cakes.
    Eccles Cakes
    I tweaked a recipe out of this month’s Sainsburys magazine* and may have slightly overdone the allspice but I’m wishing the chap was here so that he could physically prevent me from eating another one tonight.

*yes, it is mostly puff pieces and regurgitated press releases but there are perhaps 9 or 10 recipes worth having, and this month it has vouchers for bottled ales so I’ll recoup the cost of the thing. I’m more worried that, faced with buying a food mag or this month’s Glamour, I did not automatically grab the fashion rag.

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