It was that or make a cunning jacket out of the receipts

Fanfic or taxes?


I was assuming I was going to have to pay something for the 05/06 year but it looks like I’ve made a loss still. Hmmm. Some bit of my brain is thinking “They’ll get suspicious! Lose some of the receipts down the back of the sofa! Make some profit or they’ll come and inspect you!”. My last novel was paid in Yankee Dollar, however, so the pitiful income is at least explicable.

Meanwhile, Kelly’s wonderful Holmes book is out and is getting the praise it deserves. Sexy, sassy and deeply disturbing. I was listening to an adaptation of The Sign of Four on BBC7 tonight. There’s a moment near the start when Holmes takes a watch and deduces the character of its owner, successfully claiming it to have belonged to Watson’s dissolute elder brother.

“My dear doctor,” said he kindly, “pray accept my apologies. Viewing the matter as an abstract problem, I had forgotten how personal and painful a thing it might be to you.”

This is one of the things Kel captures: that Holmes is so easily lured into a puzzle that he can forget there are people and feelings and love involved. It’s great.

My other writing is stalled in a mire of Too Much Else to do, including those pesky tax returns.

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