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I have NO MONEY.

This is not true. I have heaps of money. Well, not heaps. Not enough for dragons to nest on, anyway, which is my kind of definition of heaps. But it is all owed to the builders, or going on boring things like bills and food for the month. So I am doing that well-known trick of people who are a) hard up, b) trying to diet, or c) both. I am taking a packed lunch to work. I hauled out my lunchbox last week and started to use it again. It’s a relatively tasteful silver and black number, which carries a sandwich, a yoghurt and a small box of nuts/fruit. It can fit a banana, if the banana is the right shape. And, yes, it is a kids’ lunchbox. I could either use a bigger handbag and cram it with ugly tupperware, or swing this as I walk to work. Which is cuter/stupider (del as applicable). I always meant to customise it, but could never decide what with, untill…

I remembered I had a Pipettes sticker from one of their gigs in the summer.

I think I maybe need to use a varnish spray on it to protect it a bit…

Sheer boredom induced by lack of good TV and lack of funds also caused me to get all homebuildery yesterday. I took apart an elderly orange velvet curtain which had been made of two lengths sewn together, cut it to size, hemmed it and hung it in my still surprisingly tidy room. If I get enthusiastic tonight, I’m going to use the offcut to make a cushion for the bedroom chair, as that is the only bit still in a blue/green scheme instead of red/orange. (It’s true, all women do become their mothers: all that make do and mend as a kid clearly left an impact.)


Some new mp3 blogs I am trying out, plus some recs of old favourites:
Another Form of Relief has a top 49 of 2006
I Guess I’m Floating, new to me
I Rock Cleveland, also new.
Skatterbrain is a fabulous as ever (but when will they release the fall/winter 06 mix as a zip?)
Spiked Candy, c’est ci bon!
The Torture Garden, no relation to the BDSM club of the same name (unless BDSM clubs are big on belle & Sebastian?)
Mod-ified Music, still bringing that 60s asian pop

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