Still on holiday

We spent New Year’s Eve at FROG at the Kentish Town Forum. Apart from anything else, it’s a walk of just about the right length from the flat. The venue is an old dilapidated cinema, still retaining a warren of back corridors and a balcony where a couple of unfortunate bouncers had to keep people from dancing right by the edge. One little backroom was playing different music to the main hall – at one point it was 60s J-pop (or sounded like it). Someone told me where to find a secret set of female toilets, so I spent zero time stuck in queues for the bog. The bands were The Rumble Strips (decent ska-lite stuff), The Young Knives (er, I don’t remember, but I liked them best) and Larrakin Love (Pogues-lite darlings of the NME). The beer was total shite, though.

My bad gig photos continue:
The Young Knives

I didn’t get any shots at the Pipettes’ Xmas party but the chap did, so I shall link when he gets around to posting them (ETA: ta-da!). The support were Misty’s Big Adventure (great) and I spent much time marvelling at the expansion of The Pipettes, given that I first saw them in a pub back room. Here they had a full lighting rig, a strings section and a costume change between the main set and the encore (black dresses with sparkly detail). And, when they finished on ‘All I Want For Christmas (Is You)’ the audience was showered in ‘snow’. It was an all ages gig, so I spent a fair bit of time spotting tenny fans, some of whom were not merely wearing the polka dots but had full replicas of Rosay’s stage outfit. So cute!

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