Counting Down

I love the countdown on the BBC’s Doctor Who page. Never mind the presents at Who minus 9, or the kitchen hackery required to make the meal at Who minus 5. What really matters is how many hours until David Tennant appears and a thousand fangirls sigh and whisper “don’t cry, emo Time Lord”.

The military campaign for the festivities continues. As with land wars in Russia, a lot of it concerns the food supply. I’m off to do the last shopping down here, although I have checked when the local good off-license closes on the 24th (9pm). A bit of me thinks “what if the shops don’t have two pots of double-cream?” before remembering that I am going to be in London for a couple of days and it’s quite possible to buy some bits to bring back with us. A bit of me skitters when I think about the journey back down on the 24th, mostly due to news stories about fog closing the airports and trains filling up till people are travelling on the roof, Asian style. I’m surprised no one has done a variation on the old “Fog in Channel; Continent cut off” headline.

Today I just tried using a theory I read in the Guardian a few weeks back: a theory with the unfortunate name of lifehacking. Rather than setting a timer, I just told myself that the kitchen would be clean and tidy by 9am. Amazingly, it was and I even had five minutes spare to sit with the recipe books thinking things like “1lb 1oz of chocolate? That’s just freakish…”.

I doubt I’ll blog again until Boxing Day, so season’s greetings and all that.

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