Divine Doctor

Now, as we’re running a little ahead of schedule, there’s just time for one extra item…

And I started to walk
Pretty soon I will run
And I’ll be running back to you

There’s been confirmation of the Doctor Who Soundtrack CD release. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given how delicious the song was, it includes Song for Ten from last year’s Christmas Invasion. The one that plays during the wardrobe scene and reaches a crescendo as the Doctor smiles at Rose, all modded-up and geektastic. The one that borrows the wall of sound for one brief interlude. Obviously, this is the track that non-OST types will be ripping as quick as possible, possibly for use in fanvids on YouTube. That’s not the best thing.

The best thing is that it’s been rerecorded for the OST…by Neil Hannon.

Back in the pre-Xmas excitement, back when all we knew was that Tennant was using his Casanova accent, I developed an odd mental image. I’d been listening to The Divine Comedy’s Casanova more than a girl should and slowly the two skinny geeky boys merged in my mind until I was imagining the tenth Doctor to be a mash up of Tennant’s Casanova and Neil Hannon’s. The suit helped, obviously.

The Doctor Who offices are stealing bits of my brain again.

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