Chips & Beer

I am home. Home for at least two weeks. Last weekend I was in Yorkshire, visiting the Chap’s family, then I was working in Greenwich for three days this week. All the people I met were lovely and I had a good time, but I jumped the earliest train I could last night, prefering to stand from London to Newbury rather than waiting 30 minutes and perhaps getting a seat. I just wanted to be back as soon as possible. I dropped my bags in the hallway, raced straight back out in order to get
a) chips from The Tasty Plaice just before it closed
b) slightly out of date Budvar from Cheers offie
Then I curled up on the sofa and enjoyed the senstation of knowing my travels are over for a while.

This morning I woke naturally at 6.45am – i.e. the time I’d been getting up whilst in London – and went straight back to sleep with the happy awareness that I didn’t have to move. Sébastian then woke me at 8am to demand food and to show me the dead sparrow in the lounge. The kill totalizator needs updating with the various beasties of the last month, which I shall do later. Right now I’m updating various blog entries. There’s something slightly odd about seeing even a bird corpse as a thing to be enjoyed as a small familar moment. Chips, beer, using the habitat mugs with the floral pattern on the handle, going out to get the paper and some bread: these are things which should be enjoyed. Not bird corpses.

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