Guess Where I’ve Been?

Cliche No. Une Bonjour, mes amis…

Back from a long weekend in Gay Paree (more photos here). The hotel was in Pigalle, which meant I was nervous for the duration of the journey over in case it turned out to be as dodgy as the one which I stayed in back when I was an art student. Luckily, the Ville Royale was pretty damn good. Right over the Place de la Pigalle, and thus overlooking some fun neon signs for dubious nightclubs, so that we could wander up the hill to the Sacre Coeur and a rather fab Vietnamese restaurant found last year. Saturday was wandering the Left Bank before getting caught in a massive thunderstorm.

Sunday was the first of the month so free entry to the museums. I begged to go back to L’Orangerie. I first visited it in one of my penniless student days, when I didn’t have the francs to get into a big museum and have enough espressos to fuel me through the day, and had been stunned by Les Nymphéas. So when I read that the renovations were over and the gallery had reopened… I had to see it again. Then on to the Musée D’Orsay before settling into Le Fumoir for cocktails and a luscious meal.

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