Want One…

TigerThat’s the female tiger at Paighton Zoo. The chap and I went there on Saturday in order to see the Sumatran Tiger Cubs. The cubs turned out to be remarkably shy but we were lucky enough to watch them playing for a few minutes. Kirana, the female, was vicously and brutally attacking a fallen tree branch and, when that failed to fight back enough, her mum. Topan was rather more interested in playing with his food. They were exceptionally cute, especially the way they lolloped about. They were near impossible for me to get a photo of though.

Otherwise, it was mostly monkeys huddling together against the drizzle. And a red panda sulking in a tree, complete with a sign reading “The red pandas are normally up this tree”. For lunch, we went to the restaurant which was like a motorway service station canteen. The chap pointed out that not only did we stand out due to our indie jackets with badge-laden lapels but that we were the only people over 25 there without kids. It was some kind of damp hell. But worth it for tiger cubs at play.

Meanwhile…I made a pasta sauce. With no recipe or anything, and using up some leftovers. I’m presenting it here as it is a significant step forward in the How to Cook Like a Grown Up program.

3oz pasta, to be boiled whilst making the sauce
2oz butter
1/2 tsp beer mustard
6 or 7 chestnut mushrooms, chopped up
the last bit of a brie wedge
pinch of italian herbs
Melt the butter over a low heat and add the mushrooms. Cook for a couple of minutes, then add mustard and herbs. Cook for another minute or so, then add the chopped up brie. Stir constantly until the brie is all melted into the mix. Stir in cooked pasta.

OK, it’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but I’m a bit pleased that I looked at the fridge and the shelf and produced that without reference to any cookbooks.

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