Sun is in the sky oh why oh why
Would I wanna be anywhere else?
LDN, Lily Allen

The London trip was pretty much everything you could want from a break. It was so stupidly hot that I got as far as the NFT bar from Waterloo station before stopping for beer (good beer, shady cool spot) and being joined by the Ladylark and the Marks Michalowski and Clapham. Lunch at Gabriel’s Wharf, although it was too hot to really eat much, then a lazy hour or two at the Anchor before going to Club Sabbath where we were joined by Tom and Jim. Thankfully when we left it had cooled enough to be able to bear the Northern Line.

Monday was lazy: wandering about Somerset House, cocktails at Guanabara, The Pipettes (plus 2 support acts – both good) at a sweltering King’s College. It’s been nearly two years since I saw them live and I was rather impressed by how much the act has been polished up. I dutifully grabbed a copy of the Pull Shapes single from HMV at lunch today.

Dance with me pretty boy tonight
Dance with me and we’ll be alright
Pull Shapes, The Pipettes

Right now I’m back home, trying to get the house up to base-1 tidy. This is partially because I keep meaning to employ a cleaning lady char so should have it at base-1 in order to say “this is what I’d be happy with”, and partially because the summer social thing has kicked in and I’ve got someone over for the weekend. Despite them knowing me (obviously) some residual urge to appear houseproud has taken possession of my brain. I hope it gives up soon.

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