Music of the Summer

I’ve just tweaked the sidebar, widening it so that I can put the ‘recently played’ chart on and dumping a set of links which weren’t terribly interesting.

To generate some listings to test it, I’m playing one of my three albums of the summer so far. Three! That more albums than I buy in some summers. I was cautious about Lily Allen, in that “daughter of a famous person” way. Smile kept making me want to dance though, despite the opening being a close borrow from Night Nurse by Gregory Isaacs, so I grabbed a copy of Always, Still when I could. In my usual way of trying to sum up something as a cross between other things, I’d say she’s a cross between The Selector and The Streets. There’s still a little nagging doubt about some of her ‘urban poor’ lyrics, given her lineage, but it is almost impossible not to start dancing to LDN.

The other two albums are We Are The Pipettes by The Pipettes (well, obviously. Going to see them on the 3rd July in London. Hurrah!) and Victory for the Comic Muse by the Divine Comedy. And, yes, I will be buying the Lily Allen and Pipettes’s albums on CD when they are released.

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