Happy (Belated) Naming Day

Yesterday was Saint Sebastian’s day which is also, in the absence of an actual known birthday, Sébastian Schrödinger‘s Naming day.

He was admitted to the Little Valley RSPCA shelter last year with a broken pelvis and pubis, a damaged tooth and other signs that he had been run over by a vehicle. He wore a red velvet collar but no one came to collect him. The woman who admitted him, who was Spanish, named him after the saint (hence the é in his name). They estimated he was about four years old, so he is now about five.

Since he came home with me, he’s slowly settled. The vicious attacks are over, although he does still playflight. He still prefers to lounge about on the chairs but, in the last few weeks, he has started sitting briefly on my lap. He’s my big brute of a cat and I’m so happy that someone found him and the RSPCA took him in a year ago.

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