British Amazonians

Warring States is now available from at the rather lovely price of nine English pounds and tuppence. Isn’t that lovely, reasonable and all those other fabulous words? And it’s eligible for free shipping if you can think of something for a tenner you also want to buy from Amazon. You could add an album by the Hives and a copy of Wide Sargasso Sea and have change from 25 quid. Or you could pre-order the new Franz Ferdinand album and wait a week or so for My Lovely Novel to be delivered to your very door! Or, if you’re like me, to your office desk because you won’t be in when the delivery guy calls.

American Amazonians can now get Warring States for twelve of your American dollars, plus a few dimes.

This is great news to me, after the con merchant was trying to flog it for more than thirty quid, as I can now happily point anyone who asks towards Amazon and there is the faint chance that, you know, they may actually not only buy but read a copy.

I am happy.

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