every little helps

Window display History 101 is now ‘available’ from Tesco which makes me feel slightly odd. It does say delivery takes 28 days, whereas play.com goes for 24 hours so play.com remains the best option.

Meanwhile I have been sending off press releases and putting up posters for the Warring States talk. The space at the bookshop is not huge – perhaps 12 people in chairs and any extra (ha!) in the overspill room – but that does mean if it’s just friends who show I won’t be staring at an empty room. I think I have about 20 minutes material (intro to boxer rebellion, intro to Faction Paradox, a couple of readings) which leaves me 5 minutes for the inevitable overrun, 5 to stare into the howling abyss which follows my “any questions?”, and half an hour to socialise, chat, look at the photography exhibition. At some point I’d better get my notes in order…

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