Overpriced Amazonian States

Some capitalist scumbag bastard is trying to sell Warring States on Amazon.co.uk for a staggeringly stupid UKP29.99. This is a TOTAL and UTTER con and I’ll be looking to find a way to stop it. Bear in mind the US price is USD15.95 (approx UKP10) so this piece of scum is trying to sell the book at three times its cover price. I don’t want my name connected to an exploitative little tosser like this seller. “Cake please”? I’ll give you cake and I’ll stuff it in your mouth till you choke.

If you want to get a first hand copy in the UK, try the following sites, all of whom offer the book from between UKP10.99 and UKP15.99:
The Comic Guru Presents
Galaxy Four
The Who Shop
Forbidden Planet (currently sold out of WS at Shaftsbury Ave. but are restocking, apparently)

Hells, if they are all sold out, ask me because I’ve got over ten copies stacked up downstairs waiting to be sent out. But don’t buy from this wanker on amazon.co.uk.

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