oh, you pretty thing

green check and  grey tabby
green check and grey tabby,
originally uploaded by Mags.

Sébastian Schrödinger is settling in now. After three and a half weeks he finally wandered over and padded my lap a bit, although I suspect he was after the malted milk biscuits I was eating. Other highlights have included his 180 degree, vertical takeoff spin which caused me to laugh for about five minutes and his overexcitement on the sofa arm which caused him to fall off whilst chasing a bit of funfur string.

He’s had his first visitor when ladylark came to stay for my birthday. This disgruntled him due to the fact his bed in the attic was moved and then occupied. He’s got over that though and made a nest in the bedding.

He’s also had his first trip to the vets and his first course of antibiotics. Cat acne, apparently, is the name for when their chin goes all manky. To my amazement he yummed down his little pink antibiotic pills in with some wetfood every day so I didn’t have to refresh my Cat Pill Martial Arts skills.

And, as of this week, I’m carrying him out into the garden to give him a look around. Naturally, after three weeks of obsessively staring out the window at the birdies etc., he gets nervous as soon as he is outside and has to be taken back in. Another week or two and he’ll be allowed out on his own.

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