It’s the End of the World As We Know It

This was originally a post on alt.drwho.creative, way back in 1999. Re-posted in all its (lack of) glory as someone mentioned thinking of it when the trailer for episode 2 of Doctor Who was run (“welcome to the end of the world”).

In response to Robert’s challenge, here is a drabble that contains both the world’s end and the Doctor being unconcerned.

I make no apologies for being London-centric in it…

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It
by Mags L Halliday

‘Well,’ the Doctor remarked dispassionately, ‘This is it.’

Sam looked about. People hurrying through the streets, crowding round the tube station. A group of women ran, shrieking, across the road, dodging through jammed traffic. Like any typical Friday night in London.

‘Are you sure?’ she asked. ‘It seems so…ordinary.’

The Doctor shrugged. ‘You asked to see the world’s end, Sam.’

‘I wasn’t expecting this, though.’

He put his hand on the brass door handle. ‘Come on, let’s have a pint,’ he suggested.

Sam gave the pub sign a final glance as they walked in, re-reading it: The World’s End, Camden.

(note for Americans and other aliens: there is a pub in Camden called The World’s End.)

I didn’t say it was any good.

The thing about drabbles is they seem to encourage ‘sting in the tale’ stories (at least in me), despite the brevity. Or perhaps because of it. You can’t write good emotional depth to a strict 100 word count, but you can get in your ba-boom-TISH pun. I do think they are fantastic as an exercise for learning how to rewrite for brevity. Like prose haikus they demand thought and consideration about what words to use.

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