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The Organ at Mr Wolfs
The Organ at Mr Wolfs,
originally uploaded by Mags.

I’m still feeling slightly at odds, as if time is all out of joint. It’s not just the fact we seem to have time-slipped back to 1978/9 – what with Pope dying, Doctor Who on TV on a Saturday night getting ratings above 10 million (and with the lead actor tiring of the role and a new pretty young thing lined up to replace him), four day weeks and ITV going on strike – but that the clocks have changed and my life has yet to settle into the summer pattern.

On Wednesday I ended up till 3am on the now temporarily closed OG forum, waffling about the Eccleston news. Got up as usual on Thursday, did a full day at the office then went to Bristol to see some bands. I really should have got some more sleep.

It was the first time I’d been to the gig at Mr Wolf’s Noodle Bar. We got there in time to sit about having some noodles whilst the bands did their soundchecks. First up was a band whose name I didn’t catch and which consisted of a girl on drums and girl on guitar. They took turns singing, and the lead one had a rather cute diffident air as if she knew they clearly weren’t a slick act. They also did a cover of a Ramones song, which is always good to hear.

Next up were the Playwrights, another band unpopular releases 7″ singles by. These guys are pretty slick and have a variety of pace to their songs (not to mention a cornet – not a sound normally heard in low-slung guitar cirlces). The Organ, who apparently have a good NME write-up, have got the look of a band the NME would love, a good voice etc. But no one song by them stood out as anything special and all seemed to be at the same speed.

I took photos, but I’ve now decided that I should take all gig photos with my moto as then the poor framing, focus, composition etc has a certain lomo style to it whereas stuff taken with the nikon just looks crap.

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