over-excited yet?

OMG! It’s for real. It was Doctor Who and it was on my TV and it was funny and sly and silly and brought tears of joy to my eyes.

I am such a sad fangrrl.

Er…I’m not going to be revealing big spoilers, but anyone from overseas who wants to avoid everything? Look away now.

I have had report of a FOAF having to take her young son outside afterwards and show him how the wheelie bin was not alive. Which is exactly what Doctor Who ought to be doing: injecting fear and wonder and a sense of life into the world, making the mundane marvellous.

This is a Doctor Who rooted in a world we know; estates and routine jobs and going down the pub to watch the footie. It’s that which makes Doctor Who marvellous. I’m resisting the ‘Yeti in Tooting Bec’ line but it is the idea that things that you don’t even register in the everyday become thrilling and sinister which is what makes the show different and, to me at least, appealing. I do wonder if that’s why so many of the Doctor Who authors I know have read a lot of Philip K Dick; an author who would set up a world, then overturn it.

I’m also 2/3′s of the way through a bottle of red, opened either to celebrate the return or drown my sorrows over it. I do have some negative thoughts: I can live without insistant tinny drum and bass over dialogue scenes. There’s a scene involving a conspiracy theorist which doesn’t have the dumph-dumph-dumph running underneath it and which worked far better as a serious scene of forboding than the other expositionary pieces.

But, overall, put me in the over-excited cataogry and let me run about squeaking with giggles. More wine! More Pringles! Rewind the tape and watch it again!

And there’s a historical in two weeks time: I may become incoherent.

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