I may have broken my ‘on sabbatical until GJ graduates or I get some free time’ rule. That is my response to most invites to pitch/contribute to things: I have very limited time, and priorities that mean I’ve decided writing is a luxury for a while yet. Then I got asked to contribute to two things:

  • a non-fiction Doctor Who collection
  • a Victoriana short story collection

My work on them is now done, pending last minute notes from the editors, but my name hasn’t been announced for either yet. When it is, you can be sure I’ll be providing some background and pimping here.

What I did discover, with the fiction piece, was the Pomodoro technique. My word count per day isn’t the best. I’m not entirely convinced word counts per day are the best indicator of progress anyway, given half of them might be dreadful. Or all of them. But…faced with a 5000 word story and a week off the day job to write it in, I needed to work fast. The husband finds the pomodoro works for him* so I gave it a go.


My typical nightly word count on History 101 and Warring States was 700-800 words, dripped out over several hours. On this short story, I was producing 500 words in each 25 minute session. I did between 1 and 3 sessions a day, so got the first draft down in that week. A couple more sessions dealt with revisions.

Would it work if I was crazy enough to be writing a novel in my spare time? Maybe, but that time is still a long way off. Will I use it if any more short commissions come in that I can’t refuse? Probably. I’ve tried it at work too, but there’s not enough control in my work environs for it to be truly applied.

All the same, my new top tip to anyone wanting to write? Buy a timer.

*our timer is actually a pear, so it’s the Pyrus technique.

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