Spider-cake, spider-cake…

When shopping on Sunday I foolishly asked Georgina what she wanted on her cake. I’d been planning a Stuffy cake but no. Her response was immediately “Spider-man.” I foolishly agreed and then had several days of being reminded by her about the “Spider-man cake”. So I made a simple vanilla sponge cake, based on a hummingbird cafe cupcake recipe and iced it.
so yeah. lettering. not my strongest skill...
Clearly borrowing How to Draw the Marvel Way from the library as a teenager paid off. Although my lettering sucks.
spider-man cake
After having a portion last night, she demanded “tiny bit more” but didn’t get it. The cake recipe has 10oz of sugar in it for making 12-18 cupcakes – no way does she get more than one portion of cake a day. This morning, one of her first requests on waking was for the Spider-man cake.

I am aware you can buy professionally produced cakes in the supermarket but that’s not the point. Until she gets to an age where she is horrified by wonky homemade things, she’s getting a cake made by me. I’m just hoping she asks for something easy to do…

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2 Responses to “Spider-cake, spider-cake…”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I got one cake made – the giraffe cake for Teagan, but have made every other one, usually cupcakes. Hey, I’m lazy.

    You did great! I’m impressed, and even with the lettering!

  2. Mags Says:

    The red icing went very wrong! I tried adding red colour to premade fondant icing and it only went pink. So then I ‘painted’ the face with the colouring but it never dried.

    There was so much mix I’ve 6 cupcakes too, still needing their buttercream topping. ;)

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