Here comes the sun…

As always, click through on the main image to see the notes on the plants.
spring 2012
GJ helped me plant the pansy and viola in the long narrow bed earlier this week, and is responsible for watering them each evening. And watering everything else in sight, including her own shoes. Her other garden skills include: brushing dirt off the beds onto the path; shouting “BEE!”; shouting “BIRDS!” and thus frightening them away; and standing on the bench shouting “hiya!” to the neighbours.

Not all of the lavender plants put in last year survived but as they were a cheap buy from a DIY store I’m neither surprised nor upset. I’m currently transplanting grass seedlings from the flower beds into the cracks in the paving, in an attempt to soften the edges.

Here’s a slideshow of the last 13 months in the garden. The two at the start are older photos still, showing it in its cat-friendly state.

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3 Responses to “Here comes the sun…”

  1. trinalin Says:

    Awww, GJ sounds like a born garden wiz!

  2. Mags Says:

    She got the little watering can for Christmas and has been itching to use it!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Oh, love it! And jealous! Not sure if I’ll be able to garden much this year, but hoping!!

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