unplanned veg patch

Another photo update. Here’s the latest compare/contrast for the garden. Mid-March (left) to late-July (right).

mid march tidy July 2011

The seeds in the narrow bed didn’t grow, so donated veg seedlings went in and I now have a courgette slowly obscuring the path. I had a session the weekend after I took the right-hand photo, so the path is a lot clearer. Grass has been colonizing the cracks in it, and I’m encouraging it as it softens the edges for tiny feet.

The bikeshed is done, but totally obscured by the kerria.

Some detail…
red rudbeckia
These red rudbeckia from Thompson & Morgan were repeatedly flattened by ring collar doves, but eventually grew strong enough to survive.

These snapdragons were six plants for £2 from B&Q, marked down as they were flagging.

cottage garden effect
Back in May the foxgloves went mental in the main bed.

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