11 months

Gosh, doesn’t time fly? ;)
I was very late with the 10 month photos, but here we are on 11 months already.

tartan - 11 months
baby human - 11 months

I was unconvinced about modesty pants/bloomers/pantaloons when I first discovered all little girl summer outfits come with them. What is wrong with seeing a nappy, I wondered. Then I saw GJ’s cloth-nappied bottom in a set of bloomers and laughed so hard I’ve decided I like them.

You’ll also see she’s in a red and white striped t-shirt now instead of the long sleeved top for the first 10 months. That’s mostly because she’s outgrown it. Back when I first used it, I had to roll the sleeves up three times.
tartan - 1 month

This month is all about handing things to people, or putting things inside other things.

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2 Responses to “11 months”

  1. Lisa Says:

    putting things in other things or putting things on top of other things is the best thing ever!

  2. Mags Says:

    Yes! Putting things on things, including mummy’s lap, is one of her other new favorite things!

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